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About Me

... Let's Get To Know Each Other A Little Better *:) happy

 I am a CAT & DOG Pet Behaviorist/Whisperer who trains pets based on their specific personalities. I specialize in bridging the gap between the pet world and the human world by communication.

Bringing clarity and deciphering what a pet or animal is communicating in behavior is my goal and the key to many animals keeping their homes and habitats and avoiding abuse.

I feel it is my calling in life to give pets & animals a voice making sure they're understood, while at the same time resolving all challenges for the human race.

It has been proven no matter the species everyone wants and needs to be heard, understood and respected. When we feel confident in these areas were content and usually behave better in our surroundings.

I know & understand most people love and adore their pets and nature.

It is my desire to make life easier by providing the solution to whatever challenge you may be having with your pets or natures animals.

I have always loved and understood animals. I actually consider myself a sort of Ms. Dolittle and for most of my life felt more at home with animals than people.

I grew up being surrounded by & educated about all kinds of animals. Working most of my life with shelters and animal rescue groups where I received most of my training and learning to hone my skills and listen to my instincts as animal communicator.

I truly believe in encouraging everyone to treat animals with respect as living beings sharing this planet.

Because of my deep passion for animals & humans to coexist in harmony I have developed my ECO-FRIENDLY Product/Systems that resolve challenges quickly, easily & affordably.

1. T.E.O.S. The Potty Solution that resolves potty accidents for both Cats & Dogs and re-trains their behavior. 

2. OUTSIDE T.E.O.S. which is natural animal and bug deterrent that keeps animals and insects off your property & out of your home without using any poison or harmful chemicals. Keeping you, your family and pets safe while resolving your challenges.