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OUTSIDE T.E.O.S. - Trespassing Animal & Flying Pest Deterrent System

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Remember to use your 15% off coupon RESOLVED22 at checkout

Remember to use your 15% off coupon RESOLVED22 at checkout

OUTSIDE T.E.O.S. gives you more bang for your buck and is better than getting an expensive exterminator $$$ that uses traditional poisons to resolve your trespassing animals & flying pests problems.

With OUTSIDE T.E.O.S. There is no need to call a professional to come and resolve your trespassing animal or flying pests challenge. This awesome product puts the power of being in control into your hands while saving you money.

- Each 32 oz Bottle - OUTSIDE T.E.O.S. will last 2 to 4 months or longer
- Each Half Gallon Container - OUTSIDE T.E.O.S. will last 4 to 6 months or longer
- Each Gallon Container - OUTSIDE T.E.O.S. will last 9 months to a year or longer


IMPORTANT NOTE : OUTSIDE T.E.O.S. IS NOT just a spray! Every bottle of
OUTSIDE TEOS is a complete system that fully equips you to deter trespassing animals & flying pests.

OUTSIDE T.E.O.S. is a HUMANE way of resolving challenges with trespassing animals & flying pests. We do not condone or support any harm or abuse of animals of any kind. This is a product/system that successfully deters trespassing animals off your property and out of your home. It is all natural and doesn't use any poison of any kind so it's safe for you, your family & your pets to be around.

How would it feel if you could deter unwanted trespassing animals & flying pests off your property and out of your home?

Well now you can with OUTSIDE TEOS! This revolutionary product/system is a game changer and best of all it really works. OUTSIDE TEOS is a secured boundary establisher that creates an invisible barrier where it is sprayed and trespassing animals and flying pests will not cross it.

OUTSIDE TEOS taps into the primitive nature of animals and flying pests smelling out with their nose where to territorially mark or inhabit and communicates a STOP no cross barrier so the animal or flying pests will move on from your property or home just like they do in the wild.

What's different about OUTSIDE TEOS is that it is all natural & does not use any poison of any kind so you, your family and pets are completely safe. OUTSIDE TEOS is the only humane system in existence that completely deters any trespassing animal or flying pests off your property and out of your home effortlessly without having to exterminate it.

Now there is no need to be inconvenienced by leaving your home to fumigate, tent or have deadly poison around. You can be master of your domain while staying home and maintaining boundaries between you and nature so both can exist peacefully. OUTSIDE TEOS puts the power of being in control into your hands.

There is a step by step thorough training instructional pamphlet that accompanies each OUTSIDE TEOS System to insure your success. It's easy, thorough and quick.

This miracle formula/system does so many more things to keep you secure and your home pests and trespassing animal free humanely. You owe it to yourself to discover what OUTSIDE TEOS can do for you, your home & the environment around you.


SONYA BAYEK - Realtor With First Team Real Estate/ Christie's International Realty

Specific Challenge Resolved: Repelled Coyotes, raccoons, possums, cats, dogs off the property & all bugs from coming inside.

PAM SUMMERFELT - National Hazard Report For Realtor
Specific Challenge Resolved : Keeps all bugs from coming indoors & keeps bugs off landscaping

KATHY GARDINER - Title Representative In Real Estate Industry

Specific Challenge Resolved : Keeps raccoons, Possums, rats, feral cays off the property & all bugs from coming indoors and off the patio area.



MIND BLOWING Customer Testimonials For OUTSIDE T.E.O.S.

Jason D'Ambrosio

Specific Challenge Resolved: Repelled Spider Crickets & Bees 


Michael Stuger

Specific Challenge Resolved: Repelled Coyotes, Rats, Raccoons & Possums from residential property.


James Martin III

Specific Challenge Resolved : Repelled COYOTES Completely from his yard and property.


Rodney Washington

Specific Challenge Resolved - Successfully deterred Gophers from digging up the front lawn, stopped dogs from going to the bathroom on my property & Mice out of the home.

I live in San Francisco a very urban city not in a wooded area at all so imagine my surprise when my gardener informed me that the soft mounds of dirt in my front yard weren’t ant beds, but the damaging result of gophers! I would never imagine such a thing in a cement city like San Francisco but there it was, and the problem was getting worse by the day.

When I asked him what I could do to rectify the situation he recommended laying down chicken wire to contain them underneath the ground and lay fresh grass on top of the wire to the tune of $2500 to $3k!!

That's when I remembered I had some outside TEOS that I ordered from Daniele Largo a few months prior to deal with a mice issue I had inside my home. One or two treatments with weekly maintenance swiftly took care of the mice so I figured why not apply her product to the dirt mounds in my front yard.

Again, after only two applications I’ve not seen any evidence of gophers!! As a matter of fact, I’ve noticed new mounds appear in my neighbor's yard but not mine.

So not only does Outside TEOS work... It literally saved me thousands of dollars of potential yard work and/or possibly having to hire a pest control company!! Outside TEOS is most definitely worth the investment and safe to use both outside and inside your home! I am a customer for life.

Laura Rosenwald

Specific Challenge Resolved - Successfully deterred dog from digging up backyard and repelled rodent from burrowing in the front yard.

Laura RosenwaldOutside TEOS has saved my yard from my puppy and from an unidentified digging rodent.  I used the Outside TEOS on a large spot in my backyard where our puppy, Aspen, loved to dig.  After the first application, Aspen took one sniff, sneezed and retreated from the area.  She did not go back to the spot for a few days.  When she tried to dig again, she had a similar reaction. 

Since the second attempt, she has not tried to dig there and it has been over two weeks.  I also used Outside TEOS on several burrows I found in our front yard I also sprayed along the edge of our driveway where it seems the critters like to burrow.  It has been over two weeks and I have not seen one new burrow.  It works so well, that I have recommended it to my friends and family.  Thank you OUTSIDE TEOS! I am extremely satisfied.

Daniella Morrow

Specific Challenge Resolved - Water bugs, roaches & Mosquitoes.

 Daniella MorrowThis was so embarrassing for me to share! I had a serious problem with water bugs, roaches & mosquitoes in my home. The reason I'm sharing this is because I know their are a lot of people out there having this challenge just like I was. It was horrible! I am a clean person but this was happening and no matter what I did, or products I tried it just didn't work. Plus I really didn't want to use products that contained harmful ingredients to get rid of these pests. I was so frustrated, I had been dealing with this for over a year and I didn't know what else to do. These pests were in the bathroom, the kitchen, around the light fixtures, in the garage, just everywhere. I found out about Outside T.E.O.S. and bought it immediately. I saw results the first time I used it and I'm ecstatic to report all the bugs are GONE! I will be a loyal customer for this product because the house I'm living in is older and now that I've found something that works I'm sticking with it. I love the live customer service and the easy to follow directions. Now that I'm free of these pests I only do maintenance once a week. You owe it to yourself to try this product seeing is believing, you won't be disappointed.

Shaunda & Mubbisir Khan

Specific Challenge Resolved - Brown recluse spider infestation in Tyler Texas.

 Shaunda & Mubbisir KhanI LOVE OUTSIDE T.E.OS.! I live in Tyler Texas and we had a serious brown recluse spider infestation in and outside of our home, plus many other challenges. I actually gotten bitten by one of these spiders and had to be under medical care for months, their poison is deadly. We have a lot of land on our property and major challenges with bugs and wildlife invading the house, garage and just everywhere you can think of. I had tried many products including Demon WP Insecticide in my home, it killed some spiders but many were still walking around and I was terrified of being bitten again. I was told about Outside T.E.O.S. from my Mom and since spraying it around the baseboards inside and outside of my home I have not seen any spiders, or any other unwanted pests. I would highly recommend this product because it works! I can rest in my home easily now knowing Outside T.E.O.S. is doing it's job. I'm so grateful for this product and I love that it's all natural and safe for my family to be around.

Mary Rall

Specific Challenge Resolved - Successfully deterred all trespassing animals from going to the bathroom on my property.

OUTSIDE TEOS has been a lifesaver for me! I love to garden and cats were pooping in my flower garden and alongside of my home on a regular basis. Every time I would begin to dig in the dirt I'd find their poop buried and I was not pleased. I had tried many products such as Shake Away that uses Coyote urine as a deterrent among many other products. It worked for awhile but the cats would return and I was very frustrated. OUTSIDE TEOS corrected this IMMEDIATELY and I only have to re-spray once a week and sometimes that isn't even necessary.

The cats are gone and my flower beds are poop free and I can garden in peace without finding a nasty surprise while digging in the dirt. I love that this product is all natural without any chemicals or poison, it's easy to use and the instructions are simple to follow and understand. I have a dog and knowing he is safe to run around the yard gives me peace. OUTSIDE TEOS is a game changer and it lasts for a long time making it well worth the investment. It's not just a product it is a system and it works! I'm so glad I found it and I will be definitely reordering in the future.

Derrick Willis

Specific Challenge Resolved - Successfully Deterred Feral CAT Colony, Gophers, Rats and stopped Water bugs from coming underneath the front and back doors.  

My name is Derrick Willis and I live in a rural area of San Bernardino. I love nature but I was having some serious problems with keeping nature out of my home and not destroying my property. There is a huge feral cat population here and they were multiplying quicker than could be handled, not to mention using the bathroom on everything. They were getting inside my parked cars, garages you name it. Also gophers had started digging up my front yard and leaving big mounds of dirt. Another nuisance I was having was with rats coming inside my house, getting into my garbage containers, getting inside my garages and chewing the wires of my parked cars which repairs were really expensive, it was a mess and I had enough. I started contacting exterminators and they wanted to charge me anywhere from $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 to fix it. Then I found out about OUTSIDE T.E.O.S. Not only did this product work the very first time I used it, it continues to work consistently to this day.

This product is all natural and contained absolutely no poisons of any kind. Not to mention there is an easy step by step instructional pamphlet that comes with it.  I have some respiratory issues and having poisons around would really affect my already compromised breathing so I really didn't want to have to use an exterminator and expose myself to the poison. I didn't know there was a product like OUTSIDE T.E.O.S. on the market that really worked! I had tried some other so called natural products to resolve these challenges but they failed. I am very happy customer and will keep OUTSIDE T.E.O.S. as a staple in my home, I only wish I knew about it sooner. I keep finding new ways to use it, like keeping the huge water bugs that slide underneath my front & back doors out .I am telling everyone I know about this fantastic product that really does what it says it does and more. Try it for yourself you won't be disappointed I promise.


Sharon White

Specific Challenge Resolved - Successfully deterred all Feral CATS & other trespassing animals off my property because of my severe allergies.

My name is Shannon and I first heard of the OUTSIDE T.E.O.S product/system randomly from social media. At the time I was desperate for a solution to my cat problem. I live in an apartment complex where my downstairs neighbor was putting out cat food for what felt like every cat in the neighborhood. I quickly found myself feeling like l was co-owner of all of these cats, considering the fact that they would lay on my porch, and the stairs leading to my house. They would sit under my car and on top of my tires, which caused fear of possibly starting the car before they had a chance to move. Not to mention that I am highly allergic to cats which sent my allergies into a frenzy most days.

I tried ammonia, cayenne pepper, sticky paper, fake owls, etc etc and nothing worked. I was at my wits end and decided to give OUTSIDE T.E.O.S a shot and this product was simply heaven sent. After following the instructions provided, I saw immediate results specifically from the cats being on my porch and around my car. They were still present but it was mainly in front of my neighbors house. But over time as I kept spraying, I noticed I saw the fewer cats in the yard and now I SEE NONE. I haven’t seen a cat in weeks and I can’t express my relief and happiness. At first my mission was to only keep the cats away from my area, I never imagined they would leave the entire property.

I am forever grateful for this product and its results.


M. Stuger

Specific Challenge Resolved - Successfully deterred all Spiders, Mosquitoes and flying, biting biting insects out of our home.


Where I live there is a lot of wild life and our house has big windows and pocket doors that we love to leave open all year to enjoy the fresh air. Insects and flying pests of all kinds are a nuisance and would come into the house including flies that would hover flying in a circle in the middle of the room, wasps trying to build nests under the eaves, mosquitoes that would hide until night time then bite you and spiders which are poisonous and bite also. This drives my wife absolutely crazy because once they are inside they are hard to get out and they usually end up biting her, not to mention making her cranky.

As a result we usually ended up using some type of poison spray to get rid of them which neither of us like because it's so unhealthy. Also I frequently tend to go in and outside doing yard work and this made the situation even worse. My wife introduced me to OUTSIDE T.E.O.S and I have to admit I was a sceptic in the beginning because to be frank I had never heard of anything like this product before. Well I'm happy to say IT WORKS! Not only does it keep our house critter free so we can leave the doors open all year round, it smells great and is all natural so both we and our pets and don't have to inhale any harmful products. OUTSIDE T.E.O.S. has made a believer out of me and now it is regular staple in our house. This product lasts a very long time and you need very little of it to do the job it's worth the investment.

Connie Walker

Specific Challenge Resolved - Successfully deterred Deer from off our property, Squirrels out of my attic and Rats out of our home.

Connie Walker Web 5
I live in rural area of Athens Georgia and although I absolutely love the wild life surrounding my home I wanted my territory and house to be off limits to them. I had Deer constantly laying on my porch and eating the bushes on the property and making a mess. Not to mention somehow rodents and squirrels kept getting in my attic making a mess and would run back and forth while we were trying to sleep. I really didn't want to harm any animal or use any type of poison because I am very sensitive to it and have children.

I had been searching for a solution when I was told about OUTSIDE T.E.O.S. it sounded too good to be true and it was way less money then contracting a professional or exterminator to resolve my challenges. I decided to try it and to my pleasant surprise it worked immediately! OUTSIDE T.E.O.S. comes with an instructional pamphlet that was very easy to understand & follow of where, how & when to spray this awesome product. To say I am extremely pleased is an understatement. I am a customer for life and I highly recommend OUTSIDE T.E.O.S. to everyone I know so they can protect their property and home as well. I truly feel this is the way to go for the future of this planet to coexist with nature and be eco friendly.

Leah Syas

Specific Challenge Resolved - Successfully deterred all Spiders and trespassing out of my home and off my property.

I was in the process of moving and had to leave all my packed boxes in an old garage that was not sealed from the outdoors until my new place was ready. This was really unsettling for me because I'm a bit of a germaphobe (don't judge me).

Anyhow, I am very happy to report OUTSIDE T.E.O.S. did it's job wonderfully! This product is a God send, not only did it protect my boxes from any bugs getting into them it fortified the whole garage from any trespassing animals seeking shelter and they avoided the garage completely.

When I moved into my new place OUTSIDE T.E.O.S. continued to keep all spiders, flies etc out of my home. Not only does it have a wonderful scent, it's all natural and safe to be around. Just a little goes a very long way, so it's a great investment and the peace of mind it gives is priceless. I just spray once a week for maintenance and all flying, creeping pests stay out of my home. I couldn't be more pleased with this product I encourage everyone to get this amazing product & make it part of their lives.

Jaime Conway

Specific Challenge Resolved - Successfully deterred Wasps & Bees off my property.

I had a wasp problem forming on my balcony screen door. Over 3 weeks, 1 wasp turned into 6 at a time! After 2 days of applying the TEOS Outdoor solution, the 2 wasps who returned died, and no other wasp has returned to the space. Also it keeps my balcony smelling fresh. I’m very pleased that the problem could be taken care of, without a toxic substance.



Peter Staton

Specific Challenge Resolved - Successfully deterred All Wasps, Bees and other flying pests out of our home & off our property and our dog from eating his poop.


I first heard of Outside TEOS from my wife. She used TEOS inside to keep our pet from having potty accidents inside the house
TEOS for outside to keep our pet from eating his poop. Not only did it keep him away from the poop, I noticed those bugs I used to see were no longer around. Daniele told us to spray around the perimeter and windows.

So with skepticism, instead of using Ortho, my go to for pest and insects, I sprayed TEOS where I would normally spray Ortho. We had a big problem with Bees, Wasp, Flies and Spiders, especially spiders coming into the house. After that initial spray, Pest gone! I couldn't believe it! I told my wife "This is some good stuff, its STRONG too." you really need to wear a mask. It smells good, way better than poison that's for sure.

Since we've been using the outside TEOS we haven't had any pest inside of the house and I haven't seen ants in so long I forgot we had a HUGE ant problem. Talking about quick results, the difference is instant. This is definitely a keeper. I have to be honest, I did have my doubts. I tried stuff from Chewy, Pet Smart, Online that was supposed to keep your pet from eating his poop and it was a joke. To see this stuff do even more than that, I was blown away. Thanks to Daniele for TEOS. You know how they say "Happy Wife, Happy Life?" I am a Happy man.  

Tracy Beachamp

Specific Challenge Resolved - Successfully deterred Raccoons, Possums and rats off my property and out of my home.


Hello My name is Tracy and I am  a OUTSIDE TEOS customer for life! I had  a serious raccoon & possum challenge in my yard, they lived in the morning glory vines in my yard. I had tried numerous products to try to discourage them .... but nothing worked.  I was very frustrated not to mention the money I was spending and all these products had poison in them which was not good for me or my pets to be around.

I found Daniele's T.E.O.S. products and sprayed the perimeter of my backyard and the vines and I have not seen any raccoons or possums since. I also found out OUTSIDE TEOS keeps the flies hanging around outside the door from coming into the house and it keeps the mice from coming indoors so I can leave my doors open for my dogs to go in and out when they please. I love that this product is all natural and it's safe for me & my pets to be around. I live by this product and have told everyone I know about it because IT WORKS! Now my neighbors that have been watching me want their yards as clear as mine. I told them to get their own bottle because I'm not sharing. Everyone should experience OUTSIDE TEOS for themselves you won't be disappointed!

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